I try listening to the rain

And its resounding drops

As the water falls from the clouds

Like weary eyes that can stop crying not.

I try listening to the rain

To the never ending storms

That crush the desolation of my pulse

Like a gloomy heart that can stop tearing never.

I try listening to the rain

As it joins the creaking of a chair

Where one could just sit and rest

Like a melancholic memory that can stop fading not.

I try listening to the rain

As it would be the last sound I’d ever hear

And now…

October 8, 2019


Heaven, Jesus Christ’s Residence


Hello there,

It’s been so long since you visited me in my dreams. Will I ever see you again? I have been doing a lot lately and I am not sure if I am doing fine, but whenever I remember you, everything’s becoming alright.

Do you remember the first time we met? You were just there at the back of the room doing whatever suited you. Quiet but quite silly…yes, that was you. We hadn’t talked much then. But I knew you.

The first three years of my life at work…

My Literacy Journey: The Beginning

The execution of lesson is very challenging, though it brought me the most meaningful purpose of this course — to be able to create and implement a lesson that will suit my learners’ needs. There were a lot of highpoints and downturns in the execution, which I am very glad to share in this reflection.

In terms of successes, I think the reading portion (first part of the LINKS Framework) is most successful. I was able to give focus on each part (pre-reading, during reading, and post-reading), and I was also able to get most…

Reflection №3

Preparing for a learning plan is a strenuous process. A teacher does not only prepare creative/artistic visual aids, interesting and enjoyable activities, or challenging tests and assessments — before all of these could have been done, a teacher needs to identify his/her objectives.

For the last two/three meetings that we had, we were able to recall our lessons in making objectives from the previous courses we have taken. We were asked by our professor to select three books/texts and formulate expressive and instructional objectives about them. …

Reflection No. 2

Last Thursday, I was very unfortunate not to be able to attend the class, and I knew I missed a lot from our lessons. However, one of my classmates shared to me that the class discussed the story of The Giving Tree, which is a very memorable story for me.

I remember that last semester when I took EDR 210, I had my first encounter with the book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. Being a high school teacher, I was not very much exposed to children’s books, though I’m pretty sure that The Giving Tree is…

Reflection №1

Being a teacher for five years now has exposed me to a lot of instructional materials that vary in complexity and functionality. Though I myself have been using different instructional materials in my teaching across levels 6 to 10, I still don’t forget the instructional tools I have grown up with and made great impacts on me when I was still a young student.

One of the things I cannot forget is the tool that my grade school teachers used to me and my classmates to teach us decoding. I remember that during reading period, my teachers always…

Final Reflection

“It is through literacy that one is empowered to interact in his community and realizes his worth, what he can do and eventually make him do things that contribute in sustainable development of his society.”

-Dr. Dina Joana Ocampo

The journey to literacy is a long, winding road. Educators do not stop in teaching reading and writing, but they aim for a greater one — for the learners and individuals to use everything that they know in a meaningful manner that can mobilize our society. …

Let’s start with the usual statement:

I thought I won’t last the day.

It was supposed to be a “happy and unforgettable" one. I may reject the first adjective, but I certainly would reinforce the latter.

Phuket, Thailand was a place I would have never thought of being into. But being a partner to a very talented sales agent, I had this perk to be the ‘plus one’ in his tour to the other side of Southeast Asia, where we enjoyed a five-star hotel accommodation, daily wonderful and scrumptious food, refreshing weather, pure white-sand beaches, and sparkling pristine waters.


Reflection 5

As a fulltime teacher, I know how difficult it is to prepare your lesson plans and instructional materials everyday. I am also familiar with the same old feeling of “nervousness" everytime you start a new lesson, wondering if the students would and could get along. I am very much accustomed to the bombarded weekdays of tons of papers to check after an 8-hour duty in school. What more to do all these things with grace in front of people, aside from your students, that you totally don’t know about?

Everyday would be a roller coaster ride.

Last Friday…

I never expected that you would come in my dreams.

The moment I got sober and remember what I had dreamt of, I could not help but cry and smile because of happiness. This was the first time ever since you left me that you showed up and gave me what I am asking for.

A dream with you.

I cannot let the opportunity to tell what happened go, then later on forget my lucid dream.

I was in the school. It was the usual faculty set-up where I was waiting for some Grade 10 students to drop by and…

Khris Marie B. San Diego

What you think of yourself will determine your destiny.

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